Country Tough Business Basics In-Person Event 

Join for an action-packed, transformative two-day all-inclusive event, that promises to reshape the trajectory of your business. Discover powerful strategies for organization, operations/systems/management, marketing, and leadership. 

Brandy can work with your schedule. Let's pick a date and time to transform the way you run your business. 

Get the Help Your Business Needs

Country Tough 10-Week Business Bootcamp

Let's get real. Are you a small business owner who struggles with sticking to your vision? Do you start toward a goal excited and energized, only to lose your momentum before achieving your milestone? If you can relate, this program is for you! Join the 10 week Country Tough Business Bootcamp- Goal Achievement edition, with Brandy Von Holten, just in time for the new year. 

Crush Your Business Goals in 2024!

Business Coaching by the Hour

Sometimes you just need a little help in a few specific areas to take your business to the next level. Whether you need help setting up social media accounts and learning what to post, designing printable & digital marketing materials, or podcast set up Brandy is here to help you. 

Tick Tock Put Brandy On The Clock!

Country Tough Goal Setting Sisterhood

Hey Girl! Are you a woman striving to reach your personal goals but finding it tough to stay on track? Do you kick off with enthusiasm, only to hit a snag and lose your way before reaching that personal milestone? If that sounds like you, you're in the right place! Introducing the 10-week Country Tough Goal Setting Sisterhood online program, guided by none other than myself, Brandy Von Holten. Get ready to kickstart the new year with a boost toward your aspirations!

Make 2024 Your Year!