My Health Journey

I am Brandy Von Holten and I am not the person that I want to be in regards to my health. These are the steps I'm taking in my health journey. I might not be as good as I once was but I want my future to be better than I am today. 

  • (Almost) Daily Ice Water Baths for 2-3 minutes, water temperature under 58 degrees. ¬†
  • Gardening to raise my own produce¬†
  • Raise our own beef and poultry¬†
  • Juicing fruits and vegetables¬†
  • Baking sourdough bread
  • If you're interested in gardening and making your own food, visit our Homesteading Website
  • Mental Mindset -¬†set up for a positive daily outlook - a positive person gets more things done
  • Weekly health testing - physical maintenance standards...I'll explain more below¬†
  • Workout challenges and daily exercise¬†
  • Logging everything- activity, meals, and schedule - check out the planner I use.

Why Do Ice Water Baths?  

There are so many health benefits to cold therapy - whether you do ice baths, cold showers, or cryotherapy the benefits are amazing.  According to Dr. Berg, when you expose your body to the cold for short periods of time it helps to boost your immune system, boosts your noradrenaline (helps mental health), raises your metabolism and helps the body shed excess fat, improves insulin sensitivity, helps reduce inflammation, increases antioxidants, protects your brain, enhances sleep, increases longevity by stimulating autophagy, reduces cortisol levels, and improves muscle recovery.  For more information about cold therapy - watch this video. 

Observations By Brandy After 300 Ice Baths in 1 Year 

Physical Changes 

  • Decreased inflammation in lower leg and waist,
  • Decreased pain in feet, knees, and hands
  • Workout recovery time decreased¬†
  • Healing time greatly decreased
  • Immune system improvement
  • Decrease in skin irritations
  • Sleeping better and longer
  • Tolerance to temperature changes

Mental Changes

  • Calmer in general
  • More focus/clear minded
  • Decrease in depressed feelings
  • Feeling of "finding myself"
  • Decrease in anxiety
  • Increase in believing in myself

Behind the Scenes

  • Face was the worst part
  • Nailbeds hurt if water temp below 44 (especially hand I used to hold cigarettes with in younger years)
  • Whole process is work:¬† time, effort, and laundry
  • Cold showers were more difficult for me and I didn't get the same results than when I submerged myself
  • Some days were harder than others, regardless of the water temperature
  • If I thought the ice bath was going to be easy because the water was in the upper 50's, it was more difficult because I was not mentally prepared
  • People body shamed me daily¬†

What's Next

  • Focusing on my routine and using goals as a direction
  • Focusing on eating pure foods
  • Focusing on improving my horsemanship, archery, and knowledge base for homesteading.
  • Helping others with improving their business and achieving their goals through my courses.
  • Adding red light to my regimen and having genetic testing done to understand my needs better

Will I Continue with Ice Baths?

  • I couldn't imagine not having ice baths be part of my life and health journey

One Year of Ice Water Baths! 

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