Not All Are Born With Confidence; CONFIDENCE Can Be Created. 

Confidence equals success.

I'm Brandy Von Holten, Business and Goal Setting Coach, Speaker, Author, & Podcast Host. 

Do you need just a little support to launch yourself towards the person you are destined to be? 

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Not All Are Born With Confidence 

CONFIDENCE Can Be Created. 

Confidence equals success.

I'm Brandy Von Holten, Business and Goal Setting Coach, Speaker, Author, & Podcast Host. 

Do you need just a little support to launch yourself towards the person you are destined to be? 

Ready to Increase Your Success

Invest in Yourself and Your Business. You are Worth it!  

If you struggle with being able to market your business, reach your audience, and find time to get "it" all done, then let Brandy transform your business and save you time with her proven business strategies. 

  • Country Tough Business Basics: Hands-on Learning. Two-day in-person event.¬†
  • Country Tough Business Bootcamp: Virtual Coaching, 10-week online program with accountability.¬†
  • Business Coaching by the Hour:¬†If you need help with one or two specific things this may be the right option for you!¬†
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Motivational Keynote Speaker

There's always more behind the scenes than anyone realizes 

Brandy's approach to motivational speaking is to not hide the ugly, but convey the positive messages that are on the other side of the struggle.  

Speaking Topics
  • Overcoming Obstacles & Set Backs
  • Safety in the Equine Industry and Business
  • Hard Lessons are Learned Through Experience¬†
  • Female Entrepreneur
  • Leading with Confidence
  • Tenacious Spirit with the Story of¬†Von Holten Ranch
  • Business Strength Through Diversity
  • Self-Sufficiency Through Homesteading

Book Series Author, Magazine Contributor, & Other Printed Products  

Just as we all wear different hats, Brandy has many feathers in her "colorful" hats. She has experience in the equine industry, teaching, and competitive martial arts. 

Being part of the equine industry and named Missouri's Best Ranch for 2024 has opened the door to become a monthly article contributor for Mules and More Magazine, and the creation of an Equine Log Book and Mounted Archery Training Manual for Beginners. 

Visit Horsemanship with Brandy for a complete line of mounted archery equipment and training manual, online horsemanship courses, and the equine log book.

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Adventures at Von Holten Ranch: Children's Book Series

As a school teacher for over a decade, I realized how much the school districts focused on character development but I always felt like it was missing sincerity. The schools would talk about character traits like honor, integrity, and perseverance, but I felt the education needed to be a little more authentic.

When you combine my agricultural background and teaching experience, plus my love of horses and our century-old farm, it sparked the idea of Adventures at Von Holten Ranch. Each one of the books highlights a horse or mule’s story from their perspective while living and working at our ranch and teaches character education with an agricultural twist.


Do You Listen to Podcasts?  

Check Out Country Tough with Brandy Von Holten 

Becoming motivated and staying motivated are two completely different tasks.  The idea behind Country Tough is to share motivational stories, business insight, and empowering conversations in an upbeat and country format to help you become and stay motivated. 

Confidence, positive self-image, dealing with bullies, business planning, goal setting, organization, how to do good in the world, and finding and fueling your passions are the topics addressed. 

Country Tough is not only a podcast, but an educational program centered around business and goal setting.  My ambitions for the programs are BIG and BOLD but achievable.  I want to deliver tools, tactics, inspiration, motivation, strategies, and a sense of belonging. 
Country Tough is about helping you become the person you want to be no matter the goal. 

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Blog, Published Articles, & Podcast Interviews

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I had the pleasure of teaching a clinic at Brandy’s beautiful ranch this past weekend! Not only was the facility clean, well-maintained, and gorgeous, Brandy was also a pleasure to work with!

Before I left Brandy invited me to be a guest on her podcast. I had never been on a podcast before, but Brandy made it a very fun and enjoyable experience! 

I highly recommend Von Holten Ranch and working with  Brandy. I will most definitely be back in the future!


Brandy Von Holten is an excellent coach/teacher. She meets people where they’re at, yet knows how to push them to be better. She speaks frankly and clearly, in a way that is simple to understand, and efficient for making progress to your goals. Aside from her own personal credibility, Brandy has experience from watching hundreds of other equine professionals over the years, and can incorporate that watchful eye into words of instruction that make sense!


I’ve worked with Brandy for 7 years and have absolutely nothing bad to say. She is the most professional business woman I know and has created an extremely positive atmosphere at Von Holten Ranch. During my time there, she has introduced me to all kinds of people and provided a very unique experience. You won’t meet someone that is more outgoing and confident. I am very lucky to have the opportunity to know and work with her.


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